Curriculum Change

Current iSchool undergraduate students may request a curricular change to another iSchool undergraduate major at any time. Requests submitted before the first week of classes will be applied for the current term/semester, and requests submitted after this time will be applied for the next term/semester.


BSIS: No requirements to change from the BSIS+DS degree to the BSIS degree

BSIS+DS: Students must meet eligibility requirements prior to submitting the application to change from the BSIS to the BSIS+DS degree. Visit the BSIS+DS page for more information about the requirements.

General guidelines for students

  • A student may not initiate more than one curriculum change within each course registration period.
  • After changing majors, international students should update their I-20 by using the "Change of Field" form in the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) iSTART system.
  • NCAA athletes should consult with DIA and departmental advisors prior to initiating a curricular change within the iSchool.
  • First-year freshmen and new transfer students who wish to change from one iSchool major to another iSchool major may request a curricular change at the beginning of their second semester of enrollment.
  • Students who have completed six or more semesters of enrollment should consult with an iSchool Undergraduate Advisor before changing their major or curriculum.

Students who are not already admitted to the iSchool, including those who are interested in a dual-degree, must follow intercollegiate transfer procedures.


If you are ready to change your major within the iSchool, complete the Curriculum Change Application.

It may take up to two weeks for the iSchool to review the curriculum change application and process. BSIS requests will be approved automatically, but all BSIS+DS applications will be reviewed to determine if students meet the required criteria. Students will be notified following review/processing.