GSLIS Faculty Ranked as Excellent

Fifteen GSLIS instructors were named to the University’s List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Spring 2014. The rankings are released every semester, and results are based on the Instructor and Course Evaluation System (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and Evaluation in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Only those instructors who gave out ICES forms during the semester and who released their data for publication are included in the list.

Faculty and instructors appearing on the list include Robert Burger, Betty Bush, Nicole Cooke, Paul Healey, Jeanne Holba Puacz, Christine Jenkins, Bonnie Mak, Kate McDowell, Carole Palmer, Fred Schlipf, Carol Tilley, Anieta Trame, Mike Twidale, and Melissa Wong. Doctoral student Damien Duffy was also named to the list for his work as a teaching assistant. Two instructors, Betty Bush and Melissa Wong, received the highest ranking of “outstanding.”

Nine GSLIS instructors were named to the List for Summer 2014: Robert Bothmann, Robert Burger, Betty Bush, Linda Diekman, Andrew Huot, Kathryn La Barre, Bea Nettles, Pat Olson, and Melissa Wong. Diekman, Huot, Olson, and Wong received "outstanding" rankings.