Knox publishes book, article on book challenges

Book Banning in 21st Century America, by Assistant Professor Emily Knox, has been selected by international LIS honor society Beta Phi Mu and publisher Rowman & Littlefield to be the first in the new Beta Phi Mu Scholars Series. Book Banning is the result of Knox’s research of the motivations of book challenges. It explores common themes in arguments for censorship and analyzes the role of reading and community power in book challenges. Works selected for the series must be innovative pieces that support the society’s commitments to scholarship, leadership, and service, and spark discourse and action among readers. The book will be available from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers on January 16.

Knox also published on the topic of book banning in an October 2014 Library & Information Science Research article titled, “Society, institutions, and common sense: Themes in the discourse of book challengers in 21st century United States.” The article focuses on thirteen public library and school challenge cases and uses a variety of documents, public hearing records, and interviews with challengers to extract common themes in the worldviews of challengers.

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He receives grant to improve performance of deep learning models

Associate Professor Jingrui He has been awarded a two-year, $149,921 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to improve the performance of deep learning models. For her project, "Weakly Supervised Graph Neural Networks," she will focus on the lack of labeled data in Graph Neural Networks (GNNs), a deep learning method designed to perform inference on data described by graphs.

Jingrui He

Cora Thomassen, former faculty member, passes away

Cora Thomassen passed away on December 23, 2021. Thomassen earned her MS/LIS degree from the University of Illinois in 1955. She became the librarian at South Haven, Michigan, public schools, and then librarian to an extension of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. In 1961, she accepted an assistant professor of library science position at the U of I, becoming a tenured associate professor in 1969.

Cora Thomassen

Wang research group to present at IEEE BigData 2021

Members of Associate Professor Dong Wang's research group, the Social Sensing Lab, will present papers at the 2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2021), which will be held virtually from December 15-18.

Dong Wang

New project to help scientists mitigate risks of environmental pollutants

In addition to killing insects and weeds, pesticides can be toxic to the environment and harmful to human health. A new project led by Associate Professor Dong Wang and Huichun Zhang, Frank H. Neff Professor of Civil Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, will help scientists mitigate the environmental and ecological risks of pollutants such as pesticides and develop remediation strategies for cleaner water, soil, and air. The researchers have received a three-year, $402,773 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for their project, "Machine Learning Modeling for the Reactivity of Organic Contaminants in Engineered and Natural Environments."

Dong Wang

New course focuses on social history of games and gaming

The iSchool has introduced a new course for undergraduate students who are interested in gaming. Social History of Games & Gaming (IS 199 SHG) is a survey of the history of gaming from the ancient world through the twentieth century and its impact on science, society, and culture. Taught by Teaching Associate Professor David Dubin, the course fulfills a general education requirement for students majoring in information sciences. It is taught in a lecture and discussion format, engaging students with the material and promoting participation.

David Dubin