Information Literacy

Information literacy is an important skillset that enables individuals to locate, contextualize, evaluate, effectively use, and appropriately communicate information in a variety of different formats

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The Education of Things: Mechanical Literacies in British Culture (1760-1860)

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Elizabeth Hoiem

This project examines writers who represent education as an embodied experience, with learning and literacy grounded in what they called “object learning” or “the education of things.” Denouncing rote-learning in favor of an induction method, object lessons promised to coordinate the development of body and mind by using the pupil’s senses as a catalyst for higher cognitive thought. Children…

Understanding Search Literacy and Search Skills Adoption: How People Solve Technical Problems via Search

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Michael Twidale
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Despite the ubiquity of search in many people’s daily lives, a lack of search literacy can make it difficult to find solutions to technical problems, such as completing software-based tasks like troubleshooting program installations. iSchool Professor Michael Twidale and Assistant Professor Max Wilson of the University of Nottingham have received funding from Google for a project that aims to…

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